Mission Statement:

To create movies, music and literature
intended to inspire the public (via use of
humorous entertainment) to question what
we think we believe we know
as True; as
well as, c
ontemplate how our feelings,
thoughts, words and actions affect others
with and beyond our
personal awareness.
In short, Ruby Red Tootsies LLC is about
making the world a better place by
influencing people to choose decisions that
affect all positively and cause harm to none.
Ruby Red Tootsies LLC

While most of my experience is in the area
of performance (acting, dancing & singing),
my current resume includes the following:

Actress, author, cinematographer/ D.P.,
composer, director, editor, model (print),
producer,  screenwriter, singer/songwriter.

*** Signatory production company for:
SAG New Media
WGA-West (pending)