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Origin of the Business Name:

I wrote a blog on my MySpace page for
Ohmmmassages titled:
"There's No Place Like Hom...eostasis."

Homeostasis is the state of being in
balance: body /mind /spirit. In this blog I
used the Wizard of Oz for a metaphor.

We are all in command of our own lives ...
including our health.  We create everything
in our lives by attracting it in one way or
another.  Which means, when we develop an
illness we have chosen that state of
dis-ease. Did you notice how I spelled
disease as "dis-ease"?  That wasn't a typo.  
"Ease" is the state of comfort of body or
mind; being in balance (aka: homeostasis).
"Dis" in medical terms is a prefix meaning
"not, or without".  

With this understanding, dis-ease actually
means "not in a state of comfort or
balance".  We have become accustomed to
disease being defined as "an ailment,
illness or sickness" and we fight these
conditions by treating the symptoms instead
of the root cause of the dis-ease.  In every
case, the root cause stems from our emotions
as well as our beliefs about health.

Likewise, the only thing standing in
Dorothy's way of getting back to the farm in
Kansas was her belief she couldn't get back
on her own. But the truth is
she had the
power within her the whole time.
All she had
to do was click her heels threes times and

"There's no place like home."

I had originally attempted to design a pair
of a woman's feet painted with sparkling,
ruby-red nail polish. Since that proved to be
too difficult for my talents, I resolved to
use footprints that sparkle in ruby-red color.

Then arose the dilemma of which direction to
point the footprints. In the midst of
concentration, deliberation & consternation,
I heard a voice say:
"Point them toward the heavens."
It took a moment for me to understand the
significance and how this ties in with the
mission statement of the business. And
the "ah-HA!" moment arrived:
". . . the greater development of the mass
consciousness to create opportunities for
spiritual enlightenment . . . ."

As I continue to create utilizing this
beautiful vessel we call "entertainment", the
purpose is to teach (not preach) peace, Love
and compassion. To assist others in opening
their eyes as they are ready to see the Truth
of what awaits us and how to attain the love
and life we deserve by treating others with
peace, Love, compassion and respect.

Above all: I AM + GOD is = I AM GOD.
WE ARE ALL ONE. Separation = Illusion.
(It's as simple as this, but much deeper.)